EMG Arms

EMG / Wolverine Airsoft INFERNO Gen 2 Premium Edition HPA Airsoft Unit

SKU: EM-AU0001

EMG logos and striking blue anodized finish
Precision CNC machined aluminum construction
Fits virtually any gearbox with a center-lined air nozzle
Interchangeable nozzles for V2, V3, M249 and various other gearboxes
Improved hop-up compatibility
Scratch-resistant delrin bushing design
Simplified robust front-end
Powered by Patent Pending Wolverine SMP technology
One moving part provides increased reliability
New streamlined design utilizes internal air path
Adjustable velocity, rate of fire, and burst settings
Instant trigger response with no first round dry fire
Superior air efficiency
FCU full time sleep mode
Tooless disassembly
Redesigned internal geometry for improved efficiency