Air Regulators

Dominator™ Micro 3 HPA Air Regulator

SKU: DS-U00120

- Super small size for easy handling and carry
- Designed for Airsoft HPA / SLP systems with G1/2-14 Threads
- Strong Metal Construct
- Lightweight construction at 0.13KG
- Dual quick disconnect US Female foster Coupler (Not compatible with EU Spec)
- Pressured Air output from 40 to 200 PSI
- Hex Key Adjustable Air Valve, safe from any accidental adjustments
- Tournament lock able to be applied by zip tie over pressure adjustment area
- 2 Piece design for easy maintenance action
- Pressure Venting area that functions with adjustment valve



Package Includes :

1) Regulator x 1
2) Pressure adjustment Hex Key X 1